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After its successful fourth edition – see recap video – registration for the fifth anniversary edition of DOADOA | East African Performing Arts Market, to take place from 4th to 7th of May 2016 in Jinja, Uganda, is now open! Seize the opportunity to get connected and enhance your career!

Entry to DOADOA is by pre-registration. A registration fee of 50,000 UGX applies which gives access to the day-time (conference) and evening (showcase) programme and exhibition. You are expected to facilitate your own travel and accommodation. Selected speakers/panelists and showcase artists are exempted from the registration fee. 


Sarabi (Kenya)

sarabi-375w“Every artist aspires to perform and be heard beyond borders, but the challenge is always to find a platform that offers a good mix of industry players. DOADOA is one of those rare opportunities for an artist to perform to a group of professionals that are scouting for new artists that might be suitable for their festival programming. DOADOA is the door to the exposure that an artist from East Africa can only dream of.” Read more …

Burney MC (Uganda)

Burney MC“During DOADOA I worked with great artists and got connected to amazing people. I was invited to be on a tour through East Africa and to France while my work was featured on the album “Voices of Revolution” by UN-CONVENTION”. It also helped me in bringing the Bana Mutiibwa brand to the market and promoting the End of the Weak initiative. I encourage any artist to take part in DOADOA and make full use of the opportunities at hand. This requires registering and getting prepared in time!” Read more …

DOADOA 2015 Recap

DOADOA 2015 Recap video

DOADOA 2014 Promotion Video

DOADOA 2014 promotial video

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